GTA 5 Apk + OBB Download For Android

Gaming has been considered to be much poor in smartphones. That was one of the reasons everyone has preferred to go with consoles or PC instead of portability with the mobile. The continuous furnishing of the Android platform has really changed some of the minds. To cover the huge smartphone users and for the growth gaming vendors need. They started to make a separate game for mobile users. Some good games with much better graphics and gameplay have already made a debut to the mobile platform like the PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile is coming as well. Well, if you were waiting for the official release of the GTA 5 Android, it is not going to happen so close of now. So why to wait if you can download the GTA 5 beta APK and compressed OBB files.

If you have played the GTA 5 game in your PC, you might have tasted the environment the game needs to work. The way bulkier software actually has jaw-dropping graphics and gameplay. It has never been easier to even have a thought to play GTA 5 in a smartphone with just a few gigs of RAM.

With some mods and lots of work from the developer, they have finally managed to port the game to the mobile platform. GTA 5 Apk has been developed and ported for the smartphone users. The GTA 5 Android has similar kind of gameplay as of the PC version but the actual game is tad smaller. So, with much low-end hardware with the pretty smaller display, you can take the intense feel of gaming with the GTA 5 Mobile.

GTA 5 Android comes free of cost and can work even with just 2 gigs of RAM. Without any such dedicated graphics card and neither the i7 processor working under the hood. GTA 5 Apk software packs just a tiny list of requirements to run.

If you have a dream of a gamer or a youtube streamer but don’t have enough bucks to spend for the that costly hardware. Worry not, you can surely start with the GTA 5 Mobile Apk. I swear this game has the finest graphics you will ever see by now in any mobile game. If you have a good budget smartphone you can play the gta 5 android without any issue even the frame are smaller just because of the lighter system requirements.

GTA 5 APK Features

There are plenty of features you will get with the gta 5 mobile.

1. Intense Gaming

If you always wanted a game that you can play for days without getting bored. Then the search for it might have been ended up here. Since, if you love to play racing games or combat games. You really gonna enjoy the game without any compromise in the performance.

2. Jaw-dropping Graphics

Though I have already mentioned that the GTA 5 Apk has superior graphics. If you own a device with good hardware. You will get amazing graphics with this game. The edges you’re about to see with the gta 5 android gonna be much crisper.

But if you’re on a kind of low-end hardware that obviously means you’re about to see some issues while the gameplay. However, that even is comparing a tad smaller comparing other games of the same kind. If your device houses a quad-core or octa-core processor that is a kind of sufficient to run the game smoothly. However, your device has just a 2GB listed in the specs with an old or processor with poor performance. You will see ample frame drops while gameplay on gta 5 mobile.

3. Superior Performance

GTA 5 Apk + OBB has much-improved performance than the previously released GTA San Andreas. With lots of improvements in the graphics and the overall gameplay. Most of the glitch has been removed now. Even though this isn’t a game by the officials and Rockstar Games haven’t developed it. Still, the GTA 5 Apk has a much-improved interface and the story line-up is more interesting now.

4. Portability

Have you ever wondered you can play high-end games which traveling? This GTA 5 Apk gets all the work done for you. You will be able to play pretty good games on your mobile without any emulator. Already mentioned, this game has the finest graphics and it offers superior performance.

5. Compatible with most Hardware

Since this is a mobile game. So it gives us a freedom to install even in the low budget devices. Since Android manufacturers offer pretty good specs at an affordable price. If you own a device with not so good hardware. You can still run the gta 5 mobile without any issues. So worry not if you have a cheaper device or you don’t have any plan to spend on a mid-range or flagship range. Even the affordable or budget segment device will get the work done smoothly.

GTA 5 Andriod [Insallation + Getting Started]

GTA 5 Apk is compatible with most of the android devices as I already mentioned. You can download and run gta 5 mobile game even in the budget range device. So you got no silly excuses, no downloading this game.

I know to install any apk file if got no more typical step. You just need to download the APK file along with the data it requires. You can easily download them from Google Play Store it will auto-install the APK file. But GTA 5 Apk isn’t available on Google Play Store. You need to download the apk and OBB files from some other source. And after installing the apk file. You manually need to place the OBB files at the specified directory.

If you know where to place the OBB files. Simply download the apk file and place it in the correct folder. In case you got no idea about it. CHILL! you just need to follow the process mentioned below to actually run the GTA 5 mobile in your android device.

  • Initially download the .apk file of GTA 5.
  • Once you’ve finished downloading the APK file. Just install it as usual.
  • Click on the .apk file and tap on next and you will get an install option.
  • When the APK file has been installed in your device. Don’t open the game.
  • Because it needs the OBB data files to be placed in the OBB folder else it will reach resource not found an error.
  • So download the OBB files as well.
  • Now navigate to Android/com.gtasanandreas/Data/OBB.
  • And copy the GTA 5 OBB Data files you downloaded in the last step there.
  • Now open the game and you will see it running successfully.

So you have successfully installed the GTA 5 APK + OBB in your device. If the game shows any kind of error. Let us know in the comments section. You can also refer to setting up OBB manually if you need a detailed guide.

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